Uptime monitoring

Uptime monitoring helps you to keep an eye on your website's health. Whenever a downtime occurs, you will get notified.

Monitoring Interval

Raileo provides different monitoring intervals such as

  1. Daily (once in a day)

  2. Every hour

  3. Every 15 minutes

Raileo will check your website status based on your interval settings. If we see that your website is down, we will immediately notify you via your notification settings (slack/email).

Priority Monitoring

Priority monitoring helps to understand for how long the website was down. Here's how this works.

  1. We check your website based on the interval you've mentioned

  2. If we find your website is down, we switch monitoring interval to 1 minute and we sent you a notification right away.

  3. Now that we are checking your website every 1 minute, you'll receive the next notification only when your website is up.

  4. When we find that your website is up, we send you a detailed notification mentioning for how long your website was down, in minutes.

Ignore response codes

We will send a "website down" notification if we receive a response code greater than 399.

Suppose you're expecting a response code 401, but we are sending you donwtime notification. You can avoid this by using ignore response code feature.

Raileo uptime monitoring settings

Once you have the ignore response codes in place, we will not send you a notification next time e receive a 401.



While we monitor your website, it may cause a slight network overhead to your server (unnoticeable). So in most cases you don't have to worry about this.

But there will be scenarios,

  1. You don't want to monitor while running maintenance.

  2. You don't want to check your website during peak traffic hours etc..

In those scenarios you can use snooze feature and specify the time window in which you don't want Raileo to monitor your website.