Status Page

Status Page is a public webpage which shows the uptime monitoring status of your webpages.

You can add multiple websites to your status page to show your system status. Below are some of the example status pages.

  1. Raileo Status Page‚Äč

  2. Social networks status page by Raileo

Status page customisation

We provide various customisation settings to make your Status Page stand out from others.

Below are the some of the settings you can explore.

  1. Logo

  2. Header background colour and font colour

  3. Select your font family from predefined collection of fonts.


When you create your status page, that status page will have unique ID which will like this 123232373443478 (a random unique number)

That's no pretty :) To replace this random number, you can add your own unique slug.

Slug gives you the freedom to select how to identify your status page.

For example, if you enter the slug my-status-page, you can access your status page at

How many number of webpages in a single status page ?

There is no limit on this. You may add all of your website monitoring data to the public status page. In the free plan you can have one public status page.